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Sargun Oshana – an uncompromising theatre director, who challenges the stage space

With aimmense political awareness, playful scenic experiments and a strong bodily approach to the instructional work, Sargun Oshana reinvents the space of the stage and the contact and relationship to the audience again and again.

Oshana focuses on boundary breaking and diversity in a broad sense, and his performances deal with ethnicity, sexuality, gender and class. He is particularly concerned with post-migration and how, as a human being, you can free yourself from stigmatizing categories.

Oshana works with an openness towards the scenic elements where, words or music can be the defining factors in the expression of a performance. Together with his playful approach to the contact with the audience, he manages to reinvent the stage space over and over again

Theatre can lift the experience of war up into a completely different human space. It can portray it in a very close, real space – actually through abstraction. And it might give us a physical experience of what it means to be in a trauma, or what it means to experience the war at firsthand,” Sargun Oshana.

FACTS about Theatre Director Sargun Oshana

  • Born in 1984
  • Came to Denmark as refugee from Iraq in 1992.
  • Educated as actor from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Aarhus 2012.
  • Educated as theatre director from the National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen in 2016.
  • Debuted as theatre director at Grønnegårdsteatret, Copenhagen with The Little Prince” in 2016 and has since created more than 30 performances and 3 sound piecesOshana works with popular culture, and has created successful staging of poet Caspar Eric’s texts and site-specific performances at, among others, gay bars in Aarhus and Copenhagen.
  • Director in residency at Aarhus Teater’s Studio Scene 2016-2018.
  • He received The Danish Theatre Critic’s Prize Teaterkatten in 2018.
  • In 2019 Sargun received the recognized theatre prize The Reumert Prize in the category Instructor of the Year for his instruction of Sarah Kane‘4:48 Psychosis (here the audience walked around among each other in an empty slaughter hall, while witnessing Kane’s rout and suicide).
  • Nominated for a Reumert Prize, category Instructor of the Year 2020 for thesufferingsofyoungwerther, a co-production between Sort-Hvid and Aarhus Teater.
  • In 2021 Oshana will be directing Vita Danica – a co-production between the Black Box Theatre and Aarhus Teaterperformed at Aarhus Teater’s The Scala Stage.

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